Leeds fitness trainer who charges super-rich £40,000 a week



A FITNESS company in Leeds is offering the super-rich the world’s most expensive personal trainer at £40,000 a week or £250,0000 for six months.

Master coaches from Elite Performance Global work with household names who are at the top of their game in sport – including Jonny Wilkinson, the England Rugby World Cup squad, Manchester City and football club, Team GB athletes and even UFC fighters.

 Following the trend to look good the wealthy are now booking the best of the best to keep them looking trim and fit and help them improve in their chosen amateur sports.
 Unlike any other sporting consultancy, experts are drawn from the entire spectrum of elite sport and for the first time give access to cutting edge techniques usually reserved for sporting greats and teams.
 A week long intensive course costs upwards from £40,000, while a six-months regime can cost over quarter-of-a-million.

The idea is the brainchild of Leeds super trainer Brendan Chaplin who works with TeamGB stars, the Lawn Tennis Association and UFC stars such as Scott Askham who is fighting in Berlin at O2 World in an exhibition in June.

Brendan Chaplin with a client at The Edge gym in Leeds. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

He has teamed up with highly respected nutrition expert Matt Lovell who consults with Manchester City and Tottenham football clubs as well as working with the England Rugby squad preparing them for this years World Cup.

They are supported by Ian Pyper, trainer to Olympic gold medal winning triathlete Alastair Brownlee and the gold medal winning boxers from the TeamGB boxing squad and Ian Fisher who trains England cricket stars.

World renowned basketball coach Duncan French, who has worked with NBA star Luol Deng of Miami Heat and the Great Britain basketball squad as well as medal winning TeamGB Taekwando squad completes the frontline team.

Mr Chaplin said although the exclusive workouts appeared expensive they represented great value for money due to the wealth of

experience their clients were getting access to.

He said: “Our clients don’t view money in the same way as most people. They would rather pay a premium to get the best service money can buy. They are used to having the finest things money can buy and our service is just another extension of this.

“And our offering has proved extremely popular as it also includes a whole raft of elite background staff. We already have a waiting list of new clients as we are only working with a small number of them each year due to other commitments.

“We started off working individually on word-of-mouth recommendations but things exploded.

“When we all joined forces it was a no brainer. I have trained high net-worth individuals all over the world and they appreciate the exclusiveness of my service.

“People are now much more interested in their health, not just wealth, and are all looking to get a buff athletes body like their sporting idols and our clients are no different.

“The people we deal with don’t have the time to do traditional training so we fly out them wherever they are in the world and work with their busy schedules.

They want to have the very best and great results and don’t mind paying for it.”

The team will only work with ten clients a year and after setting up earlier this year have a strict vetting procedure in place to make sure clients are committed to training and have a big enough bank balance.

The programme boasts a three pronged approach, focusing on mind, body and nutrition and has already proved a hit with the world’s elite.

Their typical clients are top athletes, CEOs, pop stars, billionaires, internet entrepreneurs and even royalty, from across the globe.

They sign a non-disclosure agreement whenever they take on a new high profile client to protect their identities and security.

They also spend their time flying around the world to deliver their fitness programmes to fit in with their clients’ lifestyles and training and work schedules.

Clients undergo life changing transformations using tailor-made programmes which include intensive cardiovascular daily workouts as well as the latest performance mind techniques and scientific diets.

Nutritionist Matt Lovell who works with the TeamGB track and field squad and has worked with rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson for over thirteen years said: “It’s not just about having a ripped body, people want to be feeling good inside as well.

“So my plans are developed to help them achieve an ongoing healthy lifestyle even when we are gone.”

The consultancy also boasts access to an unrivalled network of the world’s best sports psychologists, sport scientists and backroom staff allowing them to cater for their clients’ every need and every sporting discipline.

Mr Chaplin said: “ The wealthy want to look great and are interested in getting a sculpted physique as well as a great overall package, using the latest scientific techniques used in the world of sport.

“It’s so much more than just a fitness experience, it’s a whole lifestyle overhaul.

“We also help them improve to be top of their game for when they take part in leisure sports themselves such as golf, tennis, triathlons and martial arts.

“We have had clients drop two stone in a month working with us everyday.

“This service is truly a unique best of the best experience and that is why we charge such high fees for the exclusivity. “

For more information see www.eliteperformanceglobal.com


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