How to eat healthy on the go…

_88762487_junk_foodFast food, convenient food and more importantly unhealthy food is now more readily available than ever. With these types of food more convenient and easily accessible in comparison to more body composition and health friendly foods, it makes it more and more difficult to keep on track when you’re on the road, away for the weekend or even eating out with friends. Although prepping food on a daily basis will help keep you on track, there are some occasions where your tupperware may not fit in, e.g. a business lunch or a first date.
The purpose of this short blog is to outline a few top tips which we pass on to our students during our fitness courses and nutrition qualifications which should help keep you on track:
Tip #1    Choosing a salad is not always the best or healthiest option. In most cases salads are dressed with high sugar dressings. As well as this, the amount of protein in the salad is usually minimal.
Tip #2    Eat slower! It takes between 15 & 20 minutes for your brain to receive messages from your stomach that you are full and no longer need to keep eating. As well as this, eating slower can aid digestion and is by far more sociable than stuffing your face and finishing your meal in just 2 minutes.
Tip #3    Stay away from the bread! In most cases bread can fill us up before our main, more nutritious meal arrives. As well as this, because it’s on the table and ‘just there’, we often over indulge in it without realising how much we are actually eating. On top of this, if fat loss is your primary goal then chances are you are insulin resistant to some degree and over indulging in bread will not help your fat loss goals.
Tip #4    Ask for extra vegetables! Vegetables in most cases are free foods. By that we mean you can eat as much as you want as they are full of goodness including minerals and vitamins. Not only are they good for you, but they are also very filling meaning that you won’t be leaving the restaurant hungry or tempted to order a high fat and refined carbohydrate based desert.
Tip #5    Drink water! It’s extremely common for individuals to over eat because they are dehydrated and not hungry.
Tip #6    Don’t stress! If you are on point day in and day out then eating out with friends once a week won’t undo all the good work, so long as you do your best and follow advice such as that outlined above. If you do that and eat sensibly then don’t stress, that one meal or that slight diversion off plan won’t do you any harm. If however, you over indulge in bread, order multiple main courses and finish off with a cocktail and a desert, then your fat loss or body composition goals maybe compromised.
We hope you found this short article interesting and helpful. Please visit out blog page here for more fitness, nutrition and training ideas.

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