How strong man training can help you drop body fat!!


How strong man training can help you drop body fat!!

As a seasoned Personal Trainer, Fitness Tutor and Assessor, it always surprises me when clients, students or friends don’t consider the use of modified strongman training sessions to support their fat loss goals. When we think about traditional strongman style training or competitions we immediately think:

  • 1 set
  • 1 rep
  • No sweating
  • BIG men
  • Poor conditioning

For the most part, we are wrong! Strong men who train properly following a structured – periodised programme are very strong but also well conditioned… For example, have you ever tried to pull a truck or carry a car a 100metres as fast as you can?? Although Strongman competitions imply maximal lifts such as accumulating your one rep max on the Deadlift, most of the events actually require maximal strength over either time or distance similar to the car carry outlined above.

During our Personal Training courses we discuss the benefits of using or incorporating a modified Strongman session into a training regime for fat loss and body composition goals. By incorporating a modified Strongman session similar to the one outlined below or in the attached video, you will subject your client to high intensity weight training which will result in hypertrophy, increased strength and a high caloric expenditure compared to low intensity (light weight) circuit training. As well as this, most modified Strongman sets should last between 40 and 120seconds of almost maximal effort. For anyone who understands energy systems, this means the client will be using their Anaerobic Lactate energy system. This system is one of the most demanding and if the intensity is correct it will lead to an accumulation of lactic acid but it also stimulates a greater release of growth hormone which in turn results in greater fat loss. BONUS!

Other advantages of using modified Strongman sessions include:

  • How many of your clients want to be doing the same thing week in week out? By offering variety, but simultaneously also getting results, you will retain more clients and create a better reputation for yourself.
  • More muscle = More fat burning potential!
  • Increasing strength in clients will help improve their quality of life. #FunFact – Did you know over 50% of adults who are 60 years of age or older can’t get out of a chair without using their hands to help e.g. pushing off their knees, table or chair. We discuss facts and scenarios like this during our Exercise Referral Qualification and when working with special populations. But strength training can help with lifestyle modifications like this.
  • Improve posture, which in turn could help with lower back pain. Similar to above, we discuss the importance of improving posture during our Personal Training qualifications. Poor posture can result in lower back pain, reduced range of movement and poor quality of life.
  • And after all, Strong is the new Sexy, right?

Although the benefits to incorporating modified Strongman sessions into a training regime are huge as outlined above, it is important to consider the potential risks. Before you design an amazing session for your client you must consider these few points for their safety and also yours:

  • Are they suitably conditioned for this session?
  • Are they technically suitable for this condition?
  • Can they perform all movement patters and techniques safely, even when they’re fatigued?
  • Is the area / equipment suitable and safe?

If the answer is no to any of the above, then FLM Training stress you re-consider delivering such an intense workout to your client. After all, their safety and your safety is priority.

Below is an advanced example of a modified Strongman session. If you are injury free and able to give it a go, please do and let us know what you think on our Facebook page here. If however you are not sure of any of the exercises we strongly recommend that you seek a fitness professional’s guidance and help before you attempt it.

  • Front Squat X 5
  • Barbell Thrusters X 5 (Same weight as A1)
  • Weighted Chins X 5
  • Single Dumbbell Snatch X 5 Each Side
  • Bodyweight Prowler Push 20m High Grip & 20m Low Grip

2 minutes’ rest X 3-5 Sets


  • BIG Tyre Flips X 5
  • Dumbbell Weighted Box Jumps X 5
  • Bodyweight Sled Drags X 20m
  • Bodyweight Sled Rope Pulls x 20m

2 minutes’ rest X 3-5 Sets

Good luck 😉

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