Becoming a Personal Trainer

Learner Journey to becoming a personal trainer:

FLM Training have recently certified a number of Personal Trainers, the majority of whom are doing exceptionally well. The purpose of this short article is to highlight how successful you can become in a short period of time doing what you love, so long as you are committed, motivated and apply yourself. The fitness industry is always growing and with health initiatives kicking in all over the country and people now becoming more health and physique conscious, the market and potential for Personal Trainers is growing.

This learner journey focuses on a past student who only completed his Personal Training qualification in December yet is inundated with clients already as well as securing a position at one of Manchester’s elite gyms.

Jack completed his Level 2 Gym Instructing qualification with FLM Training back in October, he enjoyed it so much he then decided to progress and complete our Level 3 Personal Trainer course in December. Since completing his qualifications Jack has already started to develop a reputation as a competent and trustworthy Personal Trainer. Within just a couple of months Jack has a busy diary of fulltime Personal Training clients (at over £30 an hour) and also delivers several fitness classes a week. His clients are now starting to see some great results and his reputation is growing on a weekly basis.

Although Jack had some experience as a Strongman Athlete prior to completing the course with us, he had little to no experience working with Joe or Jane public, special populations or how to issue nutritional advice. During our Personal Training courses we endeavour to give our students all the tools they need to succeed with any type of client as well as to direct them to trustworthy and credible sources of information to help them grow as a professional.

When I caught up with Jack this week I asked him how he’d managed to start his career so well and go from zero clients up to almost a full client base in less than two months and if he would give us three top tips on how to advertise your new Personal Training business…

1- “Social media.

Everyone is on social media so it made sense to use that as my first and main form of advertising. Social media is great, you can target specific people, their likes and where they live, so use it wisely and you’ll definitely find some clients through that”

2- “Referrals.

Do a great job with the clients you have or initially get and they will recommend you to their friends, family and work mates. A lot of PT’s don’t really spend the time listening to their clients and so they don’t give them what they want. When I did the course with FLM Training they kept reinforcing the importance of making sure you listen to your client, complete a thorough consultation and only issue specific plans based on what they want to achieve, their ability and to work around their constraints”

3- “Website.

I have developed my own website so I have a formal destination to send my clients or to send any enquiries to see who I am, what I do and to checkout my client’s testimonials. It also makes me look more professional and credible as a trainer.


Prior to becoming a Personal Trainer Jack used to work long hours and late nights in the professional world. Although he enjoyed his previous job it was tiresome and quite often resulted in him working on his own in an office most of the day / night. When I caught up with Jack he explained how different this is in comparison and how he would never go back a to an office based job. He wakes up now looking forward to going to work, working with different people all day long and also gets to see them change and develop as people.

So, if you are a fitness fanatic, enjoy interacting with others or simply like the idea of helping people achieve their goals (very rewarding) then possibly a career in fitness is for you. For information on Personal Trainer courses, content, venues or funding opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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