FLM Partner with Fitness Model to Create New Course

FLM Training have partnered with fitness model Jessica Bennett to help create the first course of its kind.

The new Advanced Nutrition Course helps Bodybuilders, aesthetic athletes and committed trainers learn how best to achieve their goals through advanced nutrition.

Jessica said, “Having worked in this industry for several years I noticed that the Fitness industry, especially aspiring competing physique and bodybuilding athletes and perspective coaches, are lacking education.  We have people who are pushing their bodies to the limit but sometimes without the knowledge behind it.

“Nutrition is a huge part of sports and aesthetics yet we don’t have any course that leads the way and shows people how to rip down their body weight ahead of a competition in a safe and controlled way.

“When I met with FLM I could tell we both had the passion to help drive the fitness industry forward and address issues such as this, I’m excited about what we can achieve together.”

Dave Floyd, FLM Director said, “Jessica and ourselves have been working tirelessly on this project and really believe that this course can help a lot of people out there in this industry who want to know the nutrition techniques and how to get a physique like the pros.”

The first Advanced Nutrition Course is scheduled for January 25th & 26th, 2014 in Manchester. Book your place by 31st December to receive a 15% early bird discount.

Too book your place or for further information click here or contact FLM Training on 01942 252809 or email info@flmtraining.co.uk

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