L2 Conflict Management


Conflict Management is the practice of being able to identify and handle conflicts sensibly, fairly, and
efficiently. Since conflicts are a natural part of the workplace, both internally and externally, it is
important that we all understand conflicts and know how to resolve them. In today's market this is
more important than ever. Our Workshop allows effective training for employees at all levels,
whether working with direct contact with the customers or with work colleagues.

Our training is based on group discussions, live work examples and group work. You will understand
your own emotional state during conflict and how to recognise stress factors in others. You will be
given effective models to de-escalate conflict situations and bring about resolutions in a professional

This Managing Conflict course is aimed at staff who deal with the public and would like to improve their ability in dealing with conflict by recognising different aspects of conflict that they may encounter and to understand different methods of dealing with such conflicts

Persons who would benefit from this course include staff who work with the public either face to face or on the telephone who wish to broaden their skills in diffusing conflict and improve their ability to communicate effectively.


This qualification is set at level 2.


1 day classroom based theory course which will involve group discussion and interaction and a theory assessment.

Who would benefit?

  • Staff working with the public either face to face or on the telephone

candidates will cover

  • What is conflict
  • What triggers anger
  • How to recognise when people are angry
  • Why customers complain
  • Customer wants and expectations
  • How we communicate
  • How our attitudes affect customers perceptions
  • Resolution techniques
  • Models of communication
  • The recovery process
  • Fight or flight
  • The law relating to the use of force


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